Carpentry Resume

Gerhardt Lepp – Carpentry, Woodworking, Home Improvement, Handyman

Updated 2017-Dec-30 (250) 701-3687 Saanichton, BC


I am a carpenter who is passionate about high quality craftsmanship, efficency, appropriate design and materials and working with customers on design issues. I love solving unique problems and creating beautiful and inspiring spaces. I have a truck outfitted as a carpentry workshop, a trailer for hauling building supplies and a full set of carpentry tools.

I have experience in footings, framing, sheathing, siding, roofing, chain saw work, stairs, wood and laminate flooring, installing wood stoves, tiling floors and counters, drywall, painting, installing doors and windows, building and installing cabinets, renovating kitchens and bathrooms, light plumbing and electrical, solar power, fine woodworking and fibreglass and epoxy repair and fabrication. I took the Red Seal carpentry prep course at Camosun. I have excellent health and fitness. I continue to study and hone my skills and knowledge of carpentry through books, videos and practise.

I work with the assumption that there is always a way to ‘make things work’ and it is my responsibity to find the way. Sometimes it is important to lead and sometimes it is important to follow and let someone else take the lead. “Don’t find fault. Find a remedy”. – Henry Ford

Carpentry Related Work Experience

  • 2017 Worked with a master builder to convert a garage into a suite.
  • 2017 Renovated a bathroom in Saanichton and replaced all bathroom fixtures and tiled the floor. I am working on a freight lift for a farm and a gravity water system for an off-grid cabin.
  • 2016 Designed and built a 500 square foot octagonal cabin on the Cowichan River. This was a solo project working in winter weather. This project greatly enhanced and refined my carpentry and construction skills, knowledge and experience.
  • 2016 Worked under a master carpenter on the interior finishing trim on a luxury house in Saanichton including 1000 feet of 9 inch crown molding.
  • 2016 Installed XplorNet satellite Internet systems in remote BC communities.
  • 2014 Designed and built a camper for my truck using a foam core lamination construction with fibreglass exterior. It has survived two kayaking adventures in Mexico and serves as my portable carpentry workshop.
  • 1994 – 2008 Renovated 4 houses in Sooke, Malahat and Esquimalt for resale. Renovated 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. Upgraded plumbing and electrical systems. Replaced floors, doors, and interior trim. Painted exteriors of 2 houses. Repaired drywall. Installed new windows, built stairs, decks, fences, garden sheds and tea houses. Built a large pond with a waterfall.
  • Established a business making bandsawn boxes. Sold over 1000 boxes.
  • 2011 – 2016 Established a very successful woodworking business, RavenWoods Paddles and Kayaks in Cowichan Lake. Setup a woodworking shop, Designed, perfected, manufactured and marketed fine wooden paddles and traditional Inuit skin-on-frame kayaks. Learned to repair fibreglass kayaks using epoxy and polyester resins.
  • 2015 Designed and built a hexagonal ‘tea house’ with a fabric roof.
  • 2001 – 2005 Setup a workshop, studied fine woodworking and built Morris furniture for sale.
  • 1994 – 1996 Helped to build 4 wilderness cabins on the Kludahk Trail west of Sooke.
  • 1994 – 2016 Landscaped 6 gardens on Vancouver Island including fences, decks, stairs, shed and tea houses.
  • 1984 – 1986 Researched, wrote and published a best selling trail guide for mountain biking. Became adept at bicycle maintenance.
  • Built footings for large buildings in a power plant as an apprentice carpenter.
  • Renovated concrete footings in a fertilizer factory in Calgary.
  • Painted a high angle steel roof using a home made ridge hook ladder and belay system.
  • Worked as a cabinet maker in a factory in Australia.
  • Worked with a chain saw as a ‘faller’ on a trail crew. Learned about chain saw operation, maintenance and safety. Harvested fire wood with a chain saw and block and tackle tow system.
  • 2000 – 2004 Worked as a volunteer in Ground Search and Rescue. Qualified for certification in high angle rope rescue.
  • As a rock climber and mountaineer I learned to work methodically, efficiently and safely in dangerous environments as part of a high performance team.
  • I grew up on a farm and learned to trouble-shoot, fix and build. Designed and built an off-grid cabin as a solo project when I was 15.

Other Work

Kayak Guide: ( seasonal for 10 years ) Responsible for the safety, care, feeding and wilderness experience of customers on multi-day kayak trips at North Island Kayak and Coastal Bliss.

Systems Analyst: (20 years ) Designed and built Oracle database systems for the BC Provincial Governement. Solved many technical problems with database systems. Managed large application development projects.

Technical Sales Rep: ( 5 years ) Installed and serviced seed treaters in seed cleaning plants. Maintained relations with customers in agriculture. Assisted with field trials.

Park Ranger and Naturalist: ( seasonal for 6 years ) Responsible for customer satisfaction and safety. Trained for alpine rescue and helicopter slinging in Kananaskis in Alberta.


  • BSC, Environmental Science, University of Guelph, 1978
  • Diploma in Information Systems, Mount Royal College, 1989
  • Published “Backcountry Biking in the Canadian Rockies” or “I’m 90% sure there is a trail here” Sold 20,000 copies.
  • Sea Kayak Guide – Level 3 SKGABC